Avaachii Lounge at Coimbatore International Airport (CJB) Review

One more reason to board flights from Coimbatore, TN have come to reality. Coimbatore Airport has been gaining traction in recent days. Coimbatore Airport has a hidden gem for the credit card users.

After the Christmas holidays, I boarded from Coimbatore Airport to Bangalore for a late evening flight. I had enough time to be spent in an airport so I decided to explore the dinner options.


After the security check, take left towards the end and take the staircase, on the first floor there will be a fine dining restaurant named “Avaachii”.

To my surprise when I asked Coimbatore Airport staffs if there is any lounge they had no clue about the existence of it.

Avaachii Lounge in Coimbatore Airport
Avaachii Lounge in Coimbatore Airport

Cards accepted:

Only VISA Signature and Infinite seems to be accepted as of now. I used IndusInd Bank Signature Legend Credit Card and it worked smoothly.

I also enquired if they will accept Dinersclub Black Credit Card or RuPay Debit Cards, but they said not as of now, but they are working on bringing them in some time.


The interiors was good and the since it was a new restaurant the seats were comfortable. They had two TVs one with flight status and another was playing some sports channel.

Seating capacity would be around 100.

Flight status monitor
Flight status monitor
Lounge chairs with charging points
Lounge chairs with charging points
Restaurant seating
Restaurant seating

Food & Beverages:

They have only two menus as of now for the complimentary lounge access customers. Vegetarian and Nonvegetarian fixed menu served on the table. Unlike other lounges, it’s not a buffet and the food is limited. I don’t think so alcohol is provided inside the lounge even for paid customers.

As this is my first attempted that too in the night to be on safer side I just opted for the vegetarian menu.

Fixed dinner menu - Veg
Fixed dinner menu – Veg

The food was good, but when I asked for extra curry and roti only roti was offered and the curry was denied by the server. I think because this is the early days the waiter does not know how the lounges work in other airports. I presume the menu might be different for breakfast and lunch.

I have to make a special mention for the gulab jamun as it was served hot.

Dinner Desert - Hot
Dinner Desert – Hot

I was a bit disappointed as there were no soft drinks available to pick up.

The service was good, just that I had to wait for about 10 mins to get the food served, as I was rushing for my flight on next 30 mins I was little worried about the non-buffet service.

Other facilities:

Gate faced seating
Gate faced seating

WiFi: No

Flight status TV: Yes

Ambiance: Decent with good interiors

Gate view: No

Complimentary access to VISA (Signature / Infinite)


The tier II city like Coimbatore having a lounge is awesome, it’s also a very decent lounge to start with. Much better than Goa or Pune lounges for sure.

They should start promoting the lounge from the airport entrance, at least some signboards to welcome VISA credit card holders to experience the lounge.

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Lounge Rating

Overall I’m happy to see the lounge in Coimbatore Airport but there is a lot of room for improvement