How to check and redeem reward points?

How to Check and Redeem Credit and Debit Card Reward Points

What are Reward Points?

Reward points are the loyalty points earned every time when the credit card or debit card is used online or swiped offline. These reward points can be redeemed to book Hotels, Flights, Bus tickets online. Some banks allow using these Reward Points for buying eCommerce gadgets too.

Generally, Reward Points (RP) are credited for every 50, 100, 150 or 200 rupees spent on the card. Each credit card has a different reward points structure. Each reward point has a conversion value.

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redBus online bus ticket booking added to SmartBuy 10X Reward Points by HDFC

10X Reward Points for Bus Booking

It’s very interesting to see HDFC is adding more products to the SmartBuy portal. SmartBuy already has Flights, Hotels, Experience, Amazon and Flipkart. Since this year is HDFC’s 25th anniversary the 10X Reward Points is extended to most of the credit cards, debit cards, and PayZapp mobile app.

redBus is India’s best online bus ticket booking platform which connects bus travellers with around 2500 bus operators across the country.

redBus was part of 10X reward points partner on Diners Club during last and this year. I should say that I was really using it for almost all my intercity travels. I really felt missed when the partner was discontinued a few months back. And now, I’m super happy to know that HDFC has understood its customers need and had launched bus booking on a large scale and extended 10X reward for all its cardholders.

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HDFC Diners Black 10x Reward Points

HDFC Diners Black 10x Reward Points

One of the best super premium credit cards from HDFC is Dinersclub Black. The reason for it being one of the most wanted credit is the HDFC diners club credit card benefits such as unlimited lounge access and currently running 10X reward points.

One of the main reason for me to hold on to Dinersclub credit card though they have lesser acceptance than VISA and MasterCard is 10X reward points only.

Aug 2019

All the Dinersclub credit cardholders are eligible for SmartBuy and 10x Partners rewards.


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How to save tax using credit card reward points in India?

Save Tax using Credit card reward points

There are many innovative ways to make use of the reward points from credit cards. I know a lot of savvy users make use the credit card reward points to redeem them for flight tickets, hotel stays, gift vouchers and electronics.

March is always a dry month for most of the salaried individuals. I was always wounding when will India allow us to make tax-saving investments using a credit card. To my surprise the National Pension Scheme (NPS) allows us to make the investment using a credit card. Contributions made to the National Pension Scheme (NPS) comes under 80CCD deductions. Continue reading “How to save tax using credit card reward points in India?”

CRED Mobile App Review – The Best Way To Pay Credit Card Bill In India

CRED Mobile App

The best way to use the credit card is to take advantage of interest-free credit days, accumulate reward points, review your spending from the statement, pay on time and full outstanding. Using a credit card is discipline, loyalty, and power. Spending money is always the fun part and paying it back is the most boring. What if the bill paying is also fun and rewarding. Yes, you can get reward points even for paying your credit card bills.

What is CRED app?

CRED is a members-only app which rewards you with exclusive rewards for paying your credit card bill. The most rewarding credit card payment app ever in India. You can download the app and apply to be a member.

CRED background

It’s founded by Kunal Shah, founder of freecharge which was also a loyalty reward platform for bill payments. CRED had secured $30M in funding and has a 50+ strong team. Continue reading “CRED Mobile App Review – The Best Way To Pay Credit Card Bill In India”

How I saved more than 36,418 rupees in a year using credit card

Indusind signature legend credit card

For middle-class people, the credit card is a best friend if used wisely.

Indusind signature legend credit card
how to save using credit card

Until a year ago I was rarely using my HDFC credit card, I never know the difference between VISA and MasterCard. I was least bothered about which credit card I was holding and what is the terms and conditions in it. The reason for not paying attention was because my father once cut his credit card into pieces. I didn’t even ask him why did he do so but I cultivated a habit of never be loaned.

All my transactions were on my Digibank by DBS debit card, not even on my savings account debit card.

I had my company’s current account with IndusInd Bank because they offered zero balance current account for the private limited company. I don’t even remember how I ended up coming to know about IndusInd bank then, but I wish to thank whoever introduced me to IndusInd Bank now.

The relationship manager was nudging me to get a credit card. I said to him I already have HDFC Regalia credit card, my credit limit is more than enough and I do not want my CIBIL score to be affected by opting for another credit card. He was persistent and tried to sell me IndusInd Signature Legend credit card at a 24,000 rupees + GST.

Just to avoid his calls and maintain a relationship one fine day I said fine, let me get it based on card-to-card process. By this way, he proclaimed it won’t affect the CIBIL score I don’t if it really works that way.

I did a detailed study on the card and that’s when I figured out I was so dumb and didn’t know about free airport lounge access the credit cards where providing. I got the card just before my trip to Leh and Ladakh and used the plaza premium lounge at Bangalore Airport for the first time. It was so smooth. Loved it.

After a month I also received four free air tickets from Jet Airways as a welcome gift for that ~28K INR I paid for the lifetime fee of the card.

IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Joining fee
IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Joining fee

IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Welcome gift
IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Welcome Gift – JetAirways Promotional code

All I did after getting the card was,

  • Moved all my day-to-day transactions to the credit card
  • Got 4 add-on card for my family members and asked them to use the credit card instead of debit card where ever possible

Summary of spend by all the card members

Summary of spending by all the card members

After completing the first financial year with the credit card, IndusInd Bank send a summary that’s when I realized I had saved more than 36,418 rupees last year. One Reward point is equal to one rupee as the cash credit. 1 RP = 1 Re INR.

IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Reward Points
IndusInd Signature Legend Credit Card Reward Points

Not only this, after completing one billing year I also got additional 4,000 reward points as one-time milestone benefit.

In my math,

  • I paid to join
    • 28,320 rupees
  • Reward points collected
    • 36418+4000 = 40,418
  • Savings
    • 28,320-(36,418+4,000) =12,098 INR (cash credit to pay my credit card bills)
    • Four Jet Airways flight tickets which I used for around 20K to book a trip to Andaman
    • Lifetime no renewal charges
    • Lifetime access to VISA Signature airport lounges 
    • Free add-on cards for my family
    • Free BookMyShow tickets every month
    • Reward points for adding money to wallet like PayTM and PhonePe

Anyway, as I have used my card to the extent I wanted to, I feel it’s worth spending that joining fee.

What do you think? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.