How to check and redeem reward points?

What are Reward Points?

Reward points are the loyalty points earned every time when the credit card or debit card is used online or swiped offline. These reward points can be redeemed to book Hotels, Flights, Bus tickets online. Some banks allow using these Reward Points for buying eCommerce gadgets too.

Generally, Reward Points (RP) are credited for every 50, 100, 150 or 200 rupees spent on the card. Each credit card has a different reward points structure. Each reward point has a conversion value.

  • HDFC DinerClub Black has 1 RP = 1 Rupee on flight booking
  • AMEX Membership Reward Card has 1 RP = 0.25p on cash credit
  • IndusInd Signature Legend has 1 RP = 1 Rupee on the cash credit

2X, 5X, and 10X reward points

Accelerated reward points are offered during the promotions by banks with select partner merchants.

HDFC 10X reward points

Spend based reward points

During the festival season, the banks promote spend based offers. It is to make you spend their bank credit card as much as possible. Eg: Spend 1,00,000 during Diwali month and get 2,500 bonus Reward points.

Why you should check reward points?

At times, there are possibilities when the reward points are not credited for a few of the transactions. This could be because of the reward system application bugs. So, it’s always advised to check your reward points once in three months. You should also report any discrepancy in the reward points within 30 days from the statement generated date.

How to check HDFC credit card reward points?

For every 150 spends on HDFC card, you will earn reward points. There are multiple ways to check for reward points.

  • Credit Card Statement
    • Credit card email statement has the details of reward points
    • You can also download the duplicate statement using net banking
HDFC duplicate statement with reward points summary
  • Reward points portal
  • Phone Banking
    • You can also check your reward points by calling the HDFC Phone Banking number 080 – 61606161
    • The advantage of phone banking is, you can also check with them if all the reward points are credited for each transaction. They have the reward points bifurcation details. But they are unable to share it with us over the email.
  • SmartBuy portal
    • Visit HDFC SmartBuy Offers Portal > Privileges > Your Card Variant
    • On the top right corner, they will a button to Login, use your SmartBuy credentials. The available reward points can be seen after login.
Check Available Reward Points Balance from SmartBuy Offers Portal

How to Redeem HDFC credit card reward points?

Minimum reward points needed for redemption is 500 RP and there is a Reward Points redemption fee of 99 RP per transaction.

The reward points can be redeemed for booking such as Hotel, Flights, and Experiences. They can also be used for buying products such as electronics, home appliances, and vouchers. There are multiple ways to redeem reward points.

  • SmartBuy Portal
    • Using SmartBuy the reward points can be used for Flights, Hotel, Vouchers, Experiences, and eCommerce products such as mobile phone and electronics
HDFC SmartBuy Reward Points Redemption Options and Categories
HDFC SmartBuy Reward Points Redemption Options and Categories
  • Netbanking – Reward points system
Categories available for Reward Points Redemption on HDFC Net Banking
  • Concierge services via Phone Banking
    • You may also call the concierge service phone number available on your credit card back side to talk to the support executive and redeem the reward points

I plan to cover other credit card reward balance inquiry and redemption steps too. Let me know which bank credit card reward point redemption process to be covered next.